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What our clients say about doing business with Lexington Park Properties:

Our clients
Are professionals that find they are much more productive having an office that is outside of their home yet they don't want to spend a lot of time getting set up or money in overhead to do so.
We make it turn key by providing the utilities, internet and even office furniture. With us, when you sign up today you can start working and being more productive right away.

Our mission
To grow our business by providing high quality, well maintained office space and professional services for our clients to grow their businesses and prosper at a price that represents excellent value.

Our commitment
We believe that when you choose Lexington Park to host your business you will agree there is no better value in the Lake Norman area!

We invite you to click on the video links below to hear first hand, unscripted from our clients and see why they choose Lexington Park Properties to host their business in the Lake Norman Area.

Our most recent TV spot.

Joe talks about his experience with Lexington Park  

Ana talks about her experience with Lexington Park  

David talks about his experience with Lexington Park

Kevin talks about his experience with Lexington Park 

Bob talks about his experience with Lexington Park  


Travis talks about his experience with Lexington Park  

Andrew talks about his experience with Lexington Park


I have been a client of Lexington Park Properties since February of 2005. My family and I were moving down from Long Island to Mooresville, NC. I could have worked from home, but I felt like for me, it was important to have an office to go to for work each day. We were looking at Lexington Park Properties on the internet and then we came to check out the offices in person and signed up right away. It has really been great for me. I have made some great friends and feel like I am much more productive than I would be if I had just worked for home. When I have colleagues or company reps in town, I am glad to have them come by my office. I would definitely recommend doing business with Lexington Park. Debbie T.-Account Executive


The service that Lexington Park Properties renders is unparalleled. It is not only a perfect location, a lovely space to bring current and prospective clients, but it also has that intangible "family" feel. You and your staff (lovely Diane) are always available to resolve any issues that arise from finding lost keys to helping with our IT connections. Although our offices are spread over a few buildings, it's nice to know that just a few steps away is a haven of friendly faces, helping hands and an extra fax machine and copier when ours wasn't working properly - which was a business life saver. The birthday party last week for Diane with all the tenants pretty much sums how we all feel - we're not just renters, we're family. Lisa C


Your building has been awesome for me! It was the best thing I could have done arriving to Charlotte. I appreciate the care you put into your tenants. It's a great enviroment! I've made great friends there including you! Donny F


I have been a client of Lexington Park Properties for over 2 years. I originally thought about working from my home but decided to take a leap and lease office space for my business. I am so glad that I did. It is wonderful to have a place to go to each day and then return home. Home is home and work is work. I have made new friendships and many great business contacts. I feel like I am much more productive than I would be working from home. I enjoy being around other professionals but there are no office politics. I would definitely recommend your office space to anyone that was looking for an affordable, professional place to work. Trish W.-Financial Advisor


I have nothing but great things to say about my experience with Lexington Park Properties. The Lexington Park staff got me settled and productive in my new office in less than an hour. The professional, entrepreneurial spirit within the office has been an added bonus. Andrew W.-Account Executive



A few other things clients have said about Lexington Park


I feel like Lexington Park Properties takes into consideration what is good for me and my business. They have always been fair with us and that is why we have been a client for such a long time. In fact, I have referred people to Lexington Park and I have heard their positive feedback also. I would be glad to recommend Lexington Park Properties.

I have been in big expensive office space before but it didnt make me more profitable, it just increased my overhead. I chose Lexington Park because I felt like it was a good value for the price I paid. Lexington Park has been very flexible with us...


“The team at Lexington Park Properties has truly been a great partner of ours here at KnowTia Corporation. Everything from providing exceptional service to giving us a ‘turn-key’ office solution.
Jeffrey T. White KnowTia Corp.


"It is great to have an affordable office outside of my house where I can meet clients. You know, it never felt quite right having clients meet me at my home."


"I guess I can stop meeting all my clients at Starbucks now and actually have them come by my office."


"I love my family, but it seems everytime I need to get on a call to a client they seem to want to play...or scream."


"My wife is actually happier now that I work outside of the house because I dont interrupt her routine at home with the kids."


"I think my having an office outside of our home may have saved my marriage."


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